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About Angeline 

Angeline Murphy is a Northern Ireland Designer and Textile Artist. Angeline started sewing in 2005 and has since been showcasing her creations and upcycled designs on her social media channels. She is inspiring and empowering her followers to give sewing a go and inject a second life to their own unworn clothes while reducing the need to buy new.

Angeline started sewing to simply turn up trousers but her passion has led her to TV appearances, presentations, hosting workshops and even designing and making wedding dresses. 

After appearing on BBC’s Great British Sewing Bee Series 4, Angeline wanted to raise awareness of sewing and its benefits for mental health. Through making and mending workshops Angeline continues to spread the word of Sewing. 

Angeline is a mum of three and works full time as a marketing manager. On a daily basis she is surrounded by sustainability and the impact of what we do. This made her question how sustainable fashion is and how she can encourage others to become more sustainable in their everyday life. 

‘When I first delved into the world of fashion and sustainability I was saddened to see the massive impact textiles were having on our planet. I wanted to make a difference and I knew through my sewing skills I could educate and share my skills to encourage others to pick up the needle and see textiles differently.’ 

I still have so much to learn and so much to share but little by little we will make fashion more sustainable.’ 

Angeline has worked with both individuals and local government bodies to spread the love of sewing and has been featured on daytime TV sharing the art of sewing. 

**Angeline is pictured here wearing a pre-loved jumpsuit from Vinted with a handcrafted bow made from leftover wedding dress fabric.

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