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Crafty Parties

Crafting is good for you! Apart from learning a new skill, its rewarding to work on something that you can use, wear or display in your home for generations to come. Below is a list of craft parties that I can host for you, your friends or your family! Pop me a message if you would like to hear more. 

Crafty Hen Party

Have you a crafty hen or fancy a little something different for your hen party? You got to check this out!

Little Lady Craft Party 

Does your little lady have a big birthday coming up? There is no better party than craft and fashion. 

Handmade Baby Shower

Handmade is always better. What better way to introduce you little angel into the world than have your friends around and get crafty. 

Girls Get Together

Get the girls around for a crafty stitching session. Make something for yourself of something for your home - your choice. 

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