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An open letter to Series 5 Sewing Bee's

I wanted to pen a blog post to the ten new Series 5 Great British Sewing Bee contestants. At this stage I don’t know who you are however, I do know how you feel. I wanted to share with you some words of wisdom (if it’s worth anything). At this stage your bellies are full of butterflies and you are holding a secret the whole country is waiting to hear... who will be the next Sewing Bee King or Queen?! Hold that secret for a little longer - enjoy the time from now until the first episode is aired, then enjoy every moment that comes with it.

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Open Letter to Series 5 Sewing Bee's

Throughout my time on the sewing bee I had highs and lows. I had two garments of the week and many failed stitches, broken pins, holes in gussets and baggy hems but one thing I remember looking back on is that I worried too much about how people would judge me on my lows and didn’t celebrate the highs enough! So... celebrate the highs and don’t worry about the lows. What an amazing achievement it is to make it to the final 10 from the tens of thousands of entrants. Well done to you and I wish you luck!

sewing bee, garment of the week, gabs
Garment of the Week 1

To all the folk watching the Bee this year, yes we can all do it at home with the luxury of time and no cameras but in The Sewing Bee studio it is quite different! The heat, the lights, the pressure to talk and sew at the same time is immense - its not your normal sewing experience let me tell you!

We all have our individual styles. I like to think of my style as glamorous, well fitted and womanly. However, I read comments that said my style was tacky!?! If you see negative comments quickly pass them by and focus on the thousands of positive ones.

sewing bee, handmade dress, garment of the week
Recent wedding dress comisison

Soak up the precious feeling of seeing yourself on the big screen and try get over that awful, ‘cringe feeling’ of hearing your own voice. No-one else cares, we all just want to see your lovely personalities and precious creations.

From me to you, I cant wait to see you all doing your thing with Esme, Patrick and Joe (a fabulous addition to the team). So, I will wait here patiently until the friendliest TV show returns to our box!

Take care and hopefully our paths will cross soon.

Angeline xx

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