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Book Review: 'Sew your own Activewear'

I first came across Melissa's sewing patterns (Fehr Trade) during my preparation for the Great British Sewing Bee. During Week 6 of preparation we were tasked with stitching up activewear. Now, I have to admit I had never sewn activewear before so I found this quite daunting! After extensive research on activewear patterns I settled with Melissa's Steeplechase Leggings. 

Sew your own activewear

I was amazed at the lack of pattern and activewear sewing knowledge I could find on the internet so the 'Sew your own activewear' book is really quite ingenious. This book is quite like no other when it comes to extensive knowledge and support for such a niche area of sewing. As a beginner I feared the stretch material and the fabric guzzling overlocker but with Melissa's explanation of fabrics and techniques I felt equipped with the support that everything would be alright. 

However, if like myself you are used to ready made patterns then this book will push you outside your comfort zone (and thats the appeal). With a section of basic blocks at the back you are tasked with altering the block to suit your size and design. Along with a step by step guide to each design, Melissa not only guides you through the pattern design and creation but takes your sewing confidence level up a couple of notches! Knowing that you can now work from a pattern block leaves your future sewing creations endless - the sky is your limit! 

The Projects

'Sew your own Activewear' is filled with 13 exciting projects including yoga pants, crops top and running leggings. My favourites must be the running shorts and the crop top which are certainly on my list of sewing projects 2018. 

Stylish Crop Top

I am also a sucker for this fabulous hoodie which would be really snug after a session at the gym.

Make your own hoodie

I am currently stitching up the basic block top from Melissa's collection and will be able to share the images very soon! In the meantime let me leave you with this: 

5 reasons why you need this book

1. Melissa knows her stuff! As a keen marathon runner and gym goer I understand the importance of hidden pockets, no inside seams, the extra support mesh bra and layering so Melissa has nailed the all important factors when designing activewear. 

2. It will take you out of your comfort zone and you will love it! After all thats where greatness happens - let your inner creativity and competitive nature help you create activewear! 

3. Exercise makes us feel great but have you ever exercised in your own designs? Imagine the pride running along the towpath with your handmade garments - bet you it'll make you train harder. 

4. Feeling comfortable in activewear is important. After running my first marathon my underarms were bleeding from the chafing of the seam against my skin. It was horrendous! Sewing along with Melissa will help guide you on fit and shape, ensuring chafing is kept to a minimum. 

5. No more black eyes! Keeping the 'puppies' under control while training can be difficult and this is down to ill fitted bras and sports tops! Melissa's crop top comes with built-in bra support and suggests using power mesh that will keep you nice and secure during your training. 

Love, Angeline xx

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