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Janome UK launch The BIG JANOME Skill Share with Jenni Smith

The aim, together with Jenni is to create more quilters in the world and to celebrate the pride  and joy that comes when you share a skill with another person. This collaboration is a  development of Jenni Smith’s ‘Just One Quilt’ campaign

The Big JANOME Skill Share is about the journey of learning a new skill and sharing the experience, both from the mentor’s perspective and the student’s learning experience. It has the fantastic goal of  giving current quilters the confidence to mentor those people who have always fancied trying to make  a quilt and finding a whole new generation of quilters. 

The aim for participants is to document their journey. Mentors to help choose fabrics, lend a  supportive hand, share the experience, and be rewarded with that magic feeling of having helped to create something special. Participants will have the opportunity to cement a friendship through the  simple act of making.

How many people can take part? To celebrate Janome’s 100th Birthday in 2021 the aim is to have  at least 100 pairs share their journey and many more are welcome!  

100 pairs will be given FREE access to Jenni’s Ultimate Quilt Course to give both the mentors and  students a great back-up and helping hand. 100 FREE Jenni Smith Ultimate Quilting Courses will be  drawn from entries registered before midnight on 30th November 2020. 

Questions to consider in finding a quilting buddy to enter: 

A. Can you make a basic quilt? 

B. Do you wish more people understood why you love this craft so much? 

C. Are you someone who has been saying that “One day I’ll make a quilt”?  

D. Would a helping hand make it less scary to make your first quilt? 

A or B = Mentor C or D = Student 

A or B + C or D = Mentor & Student 

Find your quilting buddy NOW! 

PRIZES: Two fantastic Janome sewing machines will be awarded to the winning pair who document their quilt making journey and share their story. A top-end Janome long arm sewing machine for the  chosen mentor and a mid-level computerised Janome sewing machine for the chosen student. 

JUDGES: Jenni Smith, Lynne Edwards MBE, John Scott & a representative from Janome UK. 

QUILT CHAMPIONS: A selection of inspiring quilters from the community will be announced and  featured to champion this campaign 

HOW TO FIND OUT MORE: Download and complete the application form available from 2nd November 2020.


2nd November 2020. Campaign launch. 

30th November 2020. 100 FREE Jenni Smith ‘Ultimate Quilting Courses’ will be drawn from  entries registered before midnight on 30th November 2020. 

31st December 2020. The closing date to submit all application forms is midnight. 30th April 2021. The closing date for quilt journey story entries is midnight. 

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