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Top Tips: Applications Open for GBSB Series 5

I cannot put into words how excited I am that The Great British Sewing Bee is coming back to our screens. I was always a fan of the crafty show - I used to sit with a notepad and pen jotting down any sewing terms I didn't understand so I could YouTube the technique later! The show really helped develop my sewing skill set... so much so that I posted my application for Series 4!

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Top Tips - Apply for the Great British Sewing Bee 2018

Are you entering?

The GBSB Series 5 is now open to applications and I am slightly envious of all the stitchers that will have the opportunity to experience the world wind Sewing Bee. From the judges to the runners behind the scenes, the team is fabulous and I encourage anyone that loves sewing to enter! I already checked with Charlotte and apparently we can't re-apply :(

How do I enter?

Follow this link to enter Series 5 -

Angeline Murphy Series 4 GBSB

Any Tips?

My top three tips for entering The Great British Sewing Bee Series 5

Be Honest

If you have been sewing all your life say so but if you are a newbie then let them know. The beauty of The GBSB is that they are hunting for a range of stitchers - from experienced to new kids on the block. I was very much a newbie (2 years) and at the start I thought this might ruin my chance of getting selected... it didn't! I was honest about my sewing term knowledge and experience at the time . Everyone brings something to the show and as Esme said my strength was 'fit, fabric and finish' (Garment of the Week ep.1).


Showcase your sewing empire. Send all the garments and projects you have worked on throughout the years. If you can, try and get your personality and style across in the images. The production team will be trying to gain a portrait of your personality through your creations. Don't be afraid to show your inner style and creativity - do what stands out!

What else you got?

Ok - you can sew but have you any other quirky facts? Tell the production team your story... how did you get into sewing or what inspired you! Your passion doesn't need to stem back generations - it might be the fact that you love fashion and you fancy yourself as the next Dior! If you just love sewing dog outfits - tell then so :)

Good Luck Everyone xx

Now, I better get back to creating the beautiful wedding dress for Josh's fiancé, Hannah (Series 4 fellow contestant). Hannah messaged me last year asking me to create her dream wedding dress and I was honoured to say yes! The friends you meet on the Bee are friends for life! xx

GBSB, GBSB 2018, sewing bee
GBSB Is Back!

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