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Taking part in The Great British Sewing Bee 2016

Updated: Apr 5, 2018

Finally, the Sewing Bee news is public and I can now tell all my friends and family about appearing on the show.

dinner; girls night out
Shortlisted Celebration Dinner

My Passion

Sewing is my passion and something that helps me unwind after a long day at the office. I love getting creative and whipping up a dress for the latest work event or a wee skirt for Saturday night! There really is no better feeling than going out with the girls in a handmade frock.

sewing bee; angeline sewing bee
Sewing is my passion

Why I applied...

I have watched every episode of the Sewing Bee since day one. I even sat down with a note pad and pen to take notes on what techniques I had not used yet, what fabric I was unfamiliar with and terms that used to go right over my head! 

The Sewing Bee is amazing for picking up tips and techniques and episode 1 will be no different. This year's sewing bee starts off on a challenging task - no Mr. Nice Guy from Patrick Grant or Sweet Little Esme - they are firm but fair and I loved it! :) After all, we are all still learning! 

I threw my hat in the ring last August when I saw the call online for applications. Waiting on the word back each time was painstaking! I remember jumping off my chair every time I saw the London number pop up on my phone :) So, then it happened I was narrowed down to the final 10 - exciting! 

Catching the flight...

Episode one here I come. Leaving the beautiful Mourne Mountains for the city lights of London it reminded of the wonderful Irish Folk Song I grew up with ;) - The Mountains of Mourne.

Nerves Building...

Nerves were building knowing I was meeting my fellow contestants but there was no need! This year, we had a great bunch - so helpful and willing to give advice to us young ones! So, settling down for the night I poured myself a cuppa (like most nights) and got settled into bed awaiting what Day 1 would bring.

Tune in Monday 16th May @9pm BBC2 to catch the first episode and cheer me along :)

''A ship is safe in harbor, but that's not what ships are for''

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