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Welcome To My Blog 

Thanks for popping by my blog. I hope you enjoy reading them as much as I do writing them. Its always nice to hear from you so please do drop me a comment and share the articles with your friends. 

Angeline xx


The website photoshoot

I've always want to capture my dresses professionally but never got around to it! This year I was determined to make my dream a reality! Together, with a great bunch of talented friends we set out 8am on a dull May morning to capture magic! Sparks did fly :) 

The Location 

Conway Mill,Belfast was the setting for the handmade fashion shoot. It was a very fitting setting - The Mill was originally built around 1842, and was one of the first linen spinning mills to be established on the Lower Falls Road. Originally owned by James Kennedy and Sons of Clonard House, the family merged with McConnell to form the Falls Flax Spinning Company in 1865. 

Behind the scene of the photoshoot

My talented friends

Its true what they say 'Many hands make light work'! In late March I approached a few skilled friends to see if they would be interested in teaming up and doing a photoshoot together. Thankfully, they all loved the idea and so it began.

Brenda McAnulty Hair Stylist

Bob and Anne Given - Bob Given Photography 

The talented duo photographers are not only passionate about their subject but come with years of experience when it comes to photographing the models! We learned how to 'pose', 'pout' and 'prance' properly :) 

Brenda McNulty - Identity Hair Salon 

I've been lucky to know Brenda since I first dated my husband! A bubbly, inspiring business woman she runs the Northern Ireland Salon of the Year based in the beautiful setting of Irvinestown, Fermanagh. With years of experience, Brenda altered the hair style in minutes to suit every dress change! A creative and adventurous hair stylist Brenda is AMAZING! 

Julie Abram - Make-Up By Julie Abram

Julie, whom I have know for six years is a talented MUA based Co.Antrim , Northern Ireland. Julie's attention to detail and professionalism is something that I really admire. Her make-up was flawless and came across wonderfully in the images as you will see below :) 

Julie Abram MUA

The Girls! Maura, Jessica and Pauline 

Here come the girls and boy did they work it like they owed that camera! :)

Ladies working the camera

Smell the roses

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