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Angeline's work 

Angeline has been involved in many projects over the years. From inspiring others to sew through TV demonstrations to teaching kids how to stitch up their own PJ bottoms. At the core of Angeline's brand is sustainability and she is passionate about re-using and reducing textile waste within the fashion industry and around your home. 

Angeline creates clothes that last and where possible uses re-claimed textile to create beautiful couture designs and art installations.  



Up-styling & Re-inventing Clothes 

I picked up this stylish Reiss jumpsuit on Vinted for £5 and wanted to make it my own by adding a statement bow to the shoulder. Using left over wedding dress fabric Angeline made an impactful bow to take this jumpsuit to the next level. 


TV: Inspiring the nation to sew

Angeline was RTE'S sewing expert who inspired the nation to sew their capsule wardrobe and homeware for the home.  

Screenshot 2022-11-23 at 11.26.07.png


Inspiring Presentations

Angeline has been presenting to 1000's of people since appearing on The Great British Sewing Bee. She is available for both sewing and sustainability presentations as well as marketing your business talks. As a member of CIM she has a wealth of experience in marketing your business. 


Bespoke Garments 

Angeline creates garments with love and care. Clothes that are made to last and make you feel special. Angeline has designed and stitched wedding dresses and even turned some of her designs into christening gowns after their first use. Circular fashion is important to Angeline.


Sewing Workshops

Angeline works with event companys and councils to deliver sustainable sewing workshops for all ages

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