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5 Important Points we all need to take away from The Great British Sewing Bee Ep 1.

Updated: Feb 14, 2019

Watching the Great British Sewing Bee last night brought back a wave of emotions and thoughts as I watched on with pride at the new Bee’s doing what we do best… sewing, drinking tea and chatting!

Great British Sewing Bee Series 5

1. Check your fabric pattern - always double check how the print on your fabric is laying. Upside down teddies/cars/shapes are never a good look but let’s admit it – we have all done it.

2. When you under time pressure sometimes ‘near enough’ is good enough. When you are on set you strive for perfection, however the clock is ticking! Removing the zip and re-inserting will eat into time you really don’t have. I did this when I grabbed the stitch ripper to take my bra apart… but I never got it finished.

gbsb5, gbsb, sewing bee,
The judges see everything! Esme and Patrick and lovely Joe.

3. Press – a well pressed garment will always impress. Leave plenty of time to press and if you can discipline yourself, press as you go.

4. We are all bees in a honeypot - you can tell that this bunch of sewer’s are pretty ‘dead on’ and they all get on like a house on fire. Sewiest’s are a great bunch of people – use social media to meet new people and help inspire your next design.

gbsb4, sewing bee
Bee's Series 4

5. It looks ‘good from a far’ but ‘far from good’. I absolutely loved the khaki jumpsuit by Alexei. It was stunning however, on closer inspection there were a few issues. Now, I’m not knocking the jumpsuit because under any other circumstance it would have been epic. It looked totally designer! Well done Alexei – you can make me one any day.

The lovely Joe and Tom

Massive congrats to Juliet on her stunning jumpsuit – a lady after my own heart who loves the style! So sad to see the lovely Tom go – he was magic. Check out his Instagram profile for your forever fix of colour and funky fabric.

garment of the week, sewing bee, gbsb5, gbsb
Garment of the Week Series 5 Ep. 1

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