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Five Reasons why YOU need to learn to Sew!

I have always loved working with my hands. It's been over a decade now since I picked up a sewing machine to start creating glamorous garments. Little did I know that over ten years later I would turn to sewing for some ‘me time’ and relaxation. It started with a need to turn up trousers and developed into a passion for sewing glamorous garments. Here’s five reasons why you need to learn to sew.

1. It's good for the soul

Sewing has been proven to improve your mood and reduce stress overall. Research has shown that crafting, regardless of the medium, will help improve your self confidence and improve your gross and fine motor movements meaning it is not just good for the soul but also good for the body.

2. Body Confidence

Since I started sewing, clothes labels no longer mattered. One of the first things you learn to do when making your own clothes is measuring yourself properly. You very quickly discover that shop labels are inconsistent and misleading. Learn to sew for yourself and your clothes will always fit properly and make you feel great.

3. Express Yourself

Sewing your own style or interiors for your home enables you to express yourself and show your true colours. As a creative person there is nothing more pleasing than hearing someone say ‘ I love your dress’ and you saying ‘ Oh, thanks! I made it myself’. Before you were limited to designers who didn't know you

4. Improves hand / eye coordination

Sewing requires skills such as cutting along a straight line, calculations, drawing, using a sewing machine while handling fabrics and so this improves our cognitive development. Hand sewing is particularly spectacular for hand eye coordination and exercised enough will strengthen hand muscle and decrease bone loss.

5. Emotional Wellbeing

Throughout lockdown in 2021 I pioneered the NI Big Community Sew. A group of fabulous men and women helped stitch up over 80,000 masks in a matter of weeks. I have saw first hand how sewing can help emotional wellbeing and how important being ‘busy’ and creating is vital for the mind!

If you are interested in learning to sew or would like me to hold a sewing workshop or mental health chat in your area please get in touch.

Angeline x

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